Low Carb Hot Cinnamon Flax Meal Porridge Recipe

Posted on February 21, 2014 in Cereal, Gluten-Free Recipes, Low Carb Recipes

This low-carb flaxseed meal porridge is completely gluten free. You can replace light cream with coconut milk for dairy free version.

Flax meal is made from ground whole flaxseeds. Grounded flaxseeds have a nutty flavor when cooked. This is a really simple recipe; you can make this porridge by just pouring boiling water over flaxseed meal and flavored in any way you prefer.

Brown Flaxseeds
Brown flaxseeds

The main health component of flaxseeds is its high essential omega-3 fatty acids content (mostly ALA), mucilage (gum content), high level of dietary fiber and plant lignans (350 times more than sunflower seeds).

Preliminary studies have shown flaxseeds may lower cholesterol level, stunt growth of prostate tumors, stabilizing blood-sugar and help fight breast cancer.

Low Carb Flax Seed Meal Porridge

Low Carb Hot Cinnamon Flax Meal Porridge
Serves 1
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  1. 4 tbsps ground flaxseed or flax meal
  2. 4 tbsps light cream or coconut milk
  3. 1 cup water
  4. 1 pkt sweetener (or to taste)
  5. ground cinnamon (to taste)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a microwavable bowl and cook on high for 2 minutes.
  2. Serve hot.
  1. Each serving: 6.0 g Net Carbs
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Low Carb Hot Cinnamon Flax Meal Porridge Recipe

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