Lactose intolerant, allergic to milk or just want to try non-dairy milk for health reasons. Almond milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk as it is cholesterol and lactose-free. Almond milk is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it does not contain animal products. Homemade almond milk is free from stabilizer or thickener such as controversial Carrageenan. You can make almond milk at home by just grinding soaked almond with water in blender, then strain the milk with a strainer.

Homemade Sugar-Free Almond Milk | Dietplan-101

Yields about 1.6 quarts (1500 ml)

Each serving: 3.6 Net Carbs

Homemade sugar-free almond milk



  • 9 oz (250 g) dry whole almonds
  • about 1.75 quarts (1650 ml) water


  • Rinse the almonds and soak with clean water for at least 4 hours or overnight. Drain.
  • Put 1 portion of soaked almond into a blender, then add in 3 portions of water (the ratio of soaked almond to water is 1: 3).
  • Process on high speed until the almonds are very fine.
  • Strain through a colander lined with cheesecloth (hold up the cloth and lightly squeeze out the milk).
  • Strain the almond milk again into a microwave-safe glass bowl.
  • Cook on high (1000 W) in microwave until boiling, about 12-13 minutes (the almond milk will become thicker after cooking).
  • Sweeten to taste and serve warm or cold.