I am going to show a real quick and easy way to sterilize canning jars using microwave. No much prep or equipment is needed using this technique; instead of the usual sterilization using pressure cooker, oven or boiling method. (Click to watch video above)

Wash and Clean Jars


Wash and clean all jars thoroughly before sterilization, as clean as you can get.

Microwave on Max for 60 Seconds Remove and allow to dry

Pop glass jars into microwave while keeping it wet (DO NOT dry the jars). Cook on max power for 60 seconds. Remove hot jars carefully and place it on clean towel to dry.

Sterilize Lids

The lids need to be sterilized too, no point sterilize the jars and not lids. Pops all lids into boiling water for 10 minutes, shake out excess water and leave it dry on a clean cloth. Make sure all lids are fully submerge and upside down.

Let all jars and lids dry on a clean kitchen towel or cloth, and they are ready to be filled with homemade jam, pickles or foods. A clean and sterilized jar is important to maintain freshness, lengthen the foods shelf life and make sure nobody get sick by eating contaminated foods.  😛 


Sterilize Canning Jars Steps