Meal Planning Guides for Phase 1: 

There are a few guidelines which you have to adhere to during Phase 1 in order for the diet to work the best. There are only certain foods that you can eat and the amount is controlled too. There are also foods that you are strictly prohibited during this phase.

The Phase 1 of South Beach Diet requires you to have 3 main meals, as well as 2 snacks between meals. You are not supposed to skip any meal. You should also drink a lot of water during the diet. For each meal, you need to eat certain amount of protein, vegetables and good fat. 




Meal Planning Guides for Phase 2:

Going into Phase 2, you will have more variety of food to choose from. Some of the banned foods in Phase 1, such as fruits, milk and starches will be slowly added to your diet. As an example, for fruit and starch, you will start with 1 serving a day, then gradually increase to 2 or 3 servings per day as days go by.